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What is Whole-Self Attunement

The Perfect Time has come,
When individuals have the opportunity to re-connect to the Divine within,
And in embracing our Wholeness
We become a living expression of Spirit!

And then we can walk the highways and byways of the planet
As instruments of Spirit’s peace,
Where there is hatred, sowing love
Where there is doubt, faith
Where there is darkness, light:
Where there is sadness, joy.

And in our Wholeness
Let us not so much seek
To be consoled as to console,
To be understood as to understand,
To be loved as to love;
For it is in the giving that we receive,
It is in the forgiving that we are forgiven,
It is in dying (of the ego self) that we become a living expression of Spirit

Whole-Self Attunement (also known as Axiatonal Re-Alignment) focusses on re-establishing connection with the larger Self, an dto work with I to achieve total Self-Realization.

Whole-Self Attunemnt helps to re-stablish connection first of all to the Oversoul. It also reconnects the severed axiatonal lines, and rejuvenates the axial circulatory system. Once the connection has been re-established, the Oversoul transmits the appropriate energies through the axiatonal lines to regenerate, and reharmonize the various bodies according to the Divine Blueprint.

Axiatonal lines lie along the acupuncture meridians, and feed into major spin points that lie the surface of the skin. Spin points are small spherical vortices of electromagnetic energy that emit Light and Sound frequencies which cause the atoms of molecules in the cells to spin faster. This increased spin crates Light fibers that then create a grid of cellular regeneration.

These spin points feed axiatonal energy into the axial circulatory system, and the acupuncture meridians. Every cell in the body also has a spin point. The axial circulatory system connects all the spin points in the body. The connection into the acupuncture meridians is also necessary to ensure that all cellular grids are in harmony.

Axiatonal energy continually recharges all bodies, and additionally assist to clear negative emotional and mental patterns.

The reconnection to the Oversoul level acts as the gateway to hook up to even higher levels of Self. As we embrace our Wholeness, Spirit manifests more of IT’s vastness through the body, which allows for greater light, love and wisdom to enter. This is called “descension of Spirit”, and as this happens, we begin to express in the fullness of who we are – as Source.

How to work with the Whole-Self Attunement

Whole-Self Attunement is very sacred work and must be approached from this perspective when working with it. You must prepare accordingly, and ensure that you are working from highest level of awareness, and from a place of total integrity.

The essential steps with this work are: first create the attunement space and establish a Pillar of Light within it and anchor it into Source in Spirit and Source in Nature to establish the energy flow. Then raise your vibration to the highest level and hold that level of vibration to assist the attunement.

Another important part of this work is the use of intentions to set the stage for the attunement. Intentions are very powerful, and as you hold the intentions with a clear focus it allows the flow of energy. It is said that 95% of the work is accomplished with intentions alone.

Refer to the “Quick Reference Guide” on page 7, and use the sequence shown as a guide to do the Whole-Self Attunement. Please remember that this is only meant as a guide to get you started. Once you are comfortable with this material, use your intuition to guide you, and feel free to change things as you are guided to.

When you first start to work with this manual you may wonder – do I need to recite all those invocations and intentions? You do not need to learn anything by heart, it is best that you understand the substance of the intent and then state it quietly in your own words. It is most effective when it is said from the heart rather than the head.

Whole-Self Attunement can be done lying down, sitting up or standing up, although it is easier to work on yourself sitting up. It is also a good idea to remove objects such as wrist watches, belts etc. that constrict the energy flow.

Whole-Self Attunement works well when you use your intuition to guide the process. Of course, your Higher Guides are always present, and work with the intentions to alter and correct any minor deviations from the ideal. Like Reiki, Whole-Self Attunement is perfectly safe, and there is no way it can be done “incorrectly”. It is important to remember that this work is done under the direct supervision of the Oversoul, and hence it is perfectly safe.

The axiatonal lines are traced either on the physical body or in the etheric body. The middle fingers are known as the “Fire fingers” and are used to trace the lines. As the fingers move over diseased areas they begin to tingle, or one senses a heavy sticky feeling. Generally, the lines are traced 3 times, however if an area needs more work, then follow it up by activating the spin points in the area. The fingers can be within 75 mm (3 inches) of the points/lines, and they will still be activated.

When you receive a Whole-Self Attunement, you may feel fatigued. This is because you are not used to this energy, and there is also a lot of transmutation occurring. As the axiatonal energy enters the body you may experience spontaneous releases which may manifest as twitches, jerks, wiggles, or even as laughter or tears. Generally, most people feel very refreshed and revitalised after this attunement. Some experience tingling in the body, sounds, lights, colours, symbols etc. It must be clearly understood that the experience is unique for each person, and that your Spirit is giving you exactly what you can handle at that given time. On the whole, it is a very pleasant experience and deeply relaxing.

At the end of the session please drink lots of water and take detox baths for the next couple of days following an attunement. There is generally no rule of thumb for the number of sessions needed to re-establish a solid connection with the Oversoul levels – however each session reinforces the connection. Work with your intuition and let it guide you.

As mentioned earlier, when the energies pour in through the axiatonal lines, they also assist to clear negative emotional and mental patterns.

It is very strongly recommended that you practise Whole-Self Attunement on yourself everyday (if possible) for at least three to six months. You will experience dramatic shifts in all aspects of your life as you start to work with it. Please remind yourself that you are making the shift from Limitation to Wholeness. Hence those aspects of your life that no longer serve you will come up for release. Use your heart’s desire and focus to let go of the things that you no longer desire, and to manifest the things that you truly desire.

What is Lightbody by Archangel Ariel, channelled by Tashira Tachi-ren (ISBN 1-880666-25-1) is highly recommended as a reference book for this work. The Keys of Enoch by J.J .Hurtak (ISBN 09603450-4-3) also refers to axiatonal meridians.

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