Healing Heart Centre

Testimonial Category: Quantum Conversations with Fiona

I do not know how I can ever thank you for what you did for me

Truly I was led to you by a higher power. I can see the big change! Thank you, a million times! I felt the connection to God I once had. What a great manifestation, I cried so much. For so long my soul longed for this connection I felt as if God turned a deaf ear on my cries, but the universe heard my cries and God sent me to you

I remember feeling very emotional and physical drained. I went for a healing session

I remember feeling very emotional and physical drained. I went for a healing session at the Healing Heart Centre and the feeling and visual experience was more than just healing and releasing pent-up emotions and fears but of spiritually awakening.  We are all energy beings and Fiona  helped me see that. Besides helping me see my spirit path

Fiona is a fantastic person to work with

I had the most amazing healing session with her. She is very pleasant and very empathic. Her understanding of your problems and her ability to make you see them clearly is amazing. Fiona is highly professional and most importantly has your interests at heart. I would recommend her highly to anyone who wishes to connect deeper with their higher selves.

Fiona has helped me so much

From the moment I arrived and her cat welcomed me and melted my heart, to her last hugs as I left, I felt safe, protected and the healing had begun. An experience I will treasure as one of the most powerful and memorable shifts I have ever felt

Fiona is a true Darling! She is my earth angel for sure

She got me out of a total state of depression, despair where I could not think positive, could not see clearly, could not stop my tears , could not forgive myself to a total state of pure bliss, Peace, Joy, n Harmony where I just can’t stop smiling now. I’m truly blessed to have u in my life to guide me Love you