Healing Heart Centre

Testimonial Category: Hypnosis and Journey Work

Fiona is a fantastic person to work with

I had the most amazing healing session with her. She is very pleasant and very empathic. Her understanding of your problems and her ability to make you see them clearly is amazing. Fiona is highly professional and most importantly has your interests at heart. I would recommend her highly to anyone who wishes to connect deeper with their higher selves.

Fiona has helped me so much

From the moment I arrived and her cat welcomed me and melted my heart, to her last hugs as I left, I felt safe, protected and the healing had begun. An experience I will treasure as one of the most powerful and memorable shifts I have ever felt

Fiona is a true Darling! She is my earth angel for sure

She got me out of a total state of depression, despair where I could not think positive, could not see clearly, could not stop my tears , could not forgive myself to a total state of pure bliss, Peace, Joy, n Harmony where I just can’t stop smiling now. I’m truly blessed to have u in my life to guide me Love you

Ek dink aan die laaste jaar en die trauma wat ek deur is om die les te leer

ek kan nie genoeg dankie sê vir jou nie. Jy was elke stap met my….my gehelp die kere wat ek in absolute vreesbevange paniek jou gebel het…het jy my gehelp verstaan: False Evidence Appearing Real.  And because of these life lessons, I have become more me….I have become the me I’ve always wanted to be….and the me I was always destined to be.

One meditation session and healing literally changed my life

I came with intention of just checking it and I left a different person. It’s learning everyday but you opened the door for me. You don’t know how bad I was before. All the doctors all the tablets nothing worked. I went for reiki hypnotherapy spent thousands and no one could help me. For first time in my life I can say I’m happy. I don’t have perfect life but now it doesn’t seem hopeless. You made the bad seen not so bad anymore. And I’m grateful.

What I have learned here with you, is more than what I have learned in 25 years together

The Spiritual Growth has been phenomenal. Today I had a past life regression healing session with Fiona. All I can say is WOW! I went on the most amazing journey taking me full circle. Much crying, releasing and letting go of the many lives that were sad and grey and very lonely to the most incredible joy and light to moving into pure energy. What a feeling.