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Testimonial Category: Enneagram Course

It was a really valuable workshop for me

It highlighted my personal life situation to me. Also to understand the wounded child behavior more better now and be able to identify where my children are and how I can take the info back to help them.

Very informative, Loved this

I understand people in my life better. Thank you Fiona for all the aid you have given me over the years. And thank you for This Course. I don’t know what drove me to enroll for it – but I’m so glad I showed up

It has made such a helpful difference in my life

Fiona, thank you for your generous sharing of knowledge, your direct and wise communication with your lovely sense of humor! My inner healing journey with you over the past couple of years has changed my life in indescribable ways. Thank you with all my heart!

This was a very healing and insightful workshop

It helped me with understanding people’s characters and responses to different circumstances, based on our upbringing and different life lessons and experiences. The most interesting part for me was to gain a better understanding of myself and how to approach people and different circumstances going forward differently based on the wisdom gained from the Enneagram Personality Types

It was an eye opener to learn about the different types

I will use these tools, and recommend my family and friends to do this course. I have learned more about myself and how to get myself to well-being. My heart-set, mind-set, soul-set have reached new peaks that I have all that I need in life

It cleared up so many questions I have regarding myself and others

The concept of projection was an a-ha moment for me, as a 2 I give off a very different message of being independent and not needy and therefore attracting neediness. I also understand the other people more clearly now and I cannot wait to go forward with the knowledge that I have now.