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Past Life Regression

2 Hour Session

Healing Session

Past Life Regression Session is done by Fiona, taking you through multiple past lives wherein you may have had current life issues or lessons and healing it in that session. Thus healing across all time all space and all parallel realities. You’ll know that you have a Past Life/Parallel Reality problem if you have a deep-rooted fear about something and cannot trace the original fear to something that happened in this lifetime. Ie.: You have a fear of driving or being in an accident or drowning. ​ I also help you release limiting and negative vows made in this lifetime and any other lifetime across all time all space and all parallel realities. Ie.: People don’t seem to realize the POWER of the Spoken Word. When we say I vow to never… Then that vow carries on from one lifetime to another lifetime. I had clients that said “I never want to have kids again” in a previous life after having difficulty handling 6 kids, and in this lifetime having difficulty falling pregnant. Some have had a life-time as a nun vowing celibacy and denouncing money and had sexual problems and couldn’t hold on-to money.

Let Me Help You

Whatever the issue, it can be cleared and released. And when it is done properly you won’t have a continuation of it in this lifetime. ​ A healing session could also incorporate one or more of the following if appropriate: healing family issues healing clearing and discontinuing negative patterns within the family lineage cutting cords clearing negative karma ​​ All done across all time, space, and dimensions, in this lifetime any other lifetime, past lives/parallel and alternate realities. ​ We have the ability to clear it 7 generations forward and 7 generations backward. ​ Reasons for Regression: Finding meaning and purpose to current life issues; Finding relevance to current issues; Facing past traumatic events to effect healing; Bringing into consciousness past a-frame events that have been blocked by the sub-conscious mind, which can resolve current emotional trauma and behavior patterns that have been chronically adopted Acceleration of your Cosmic ascension process; Releasing and clearing vows made in a previous life that impact on the current one.