Healing Heart Centre

Hypnosis & Journey Work with Fiona

2 Hour Session

It is important cleanse our body and energy field (aura) balance and align our chakras at regular intervals in order for good health. Think of Chakra Balancing as a sort of tune up for the human body and soul.

Therapy provided:

I have found the most effective method to balance and align your Chakras is through cleansing your body and energy field/aura by smudging it with white sage and then while you are lying down I take you into a meditative state, bringing the mind and the body together in one space. I then use a combination of colours, sound and crystal therapy to open up, balance and align all your chakra’s and ultimately facilitate your transformation. Transforming any dis-ease into balance. 


These sessions are 2 hour consult and journey/hypnosis work that focuses on healing of numerous issues :

Healing with past life regression

Fiona has assisted many a client in healing with past life regression.

From understanding patterns, fears, phobia’s, relationship dynamics, re-accruing nightmares, behavioral patterns to name but just a few. 

Tailored online treatment programmes available to fit your needs. She’s here to help you! Get Started Today.

Reasons for Regression:
•Finding meaning and purpose to current life issues;
•Finding relevance to current issues;
•Facing past traumatic events to effect healing;
•Bringing into consciousness past a-frame events that have been blocked by the sub-conscious mind, which can resolve current emotional trauma and behaviour patterns that have been chronically adopted
•Acceleration of your Cosmic ascension process;
•Releasing and clearing vows made in previous life that impact on current one.

Tailor-made hypnosis for your specific needs

Fiona has assisted many a client in healing with her tailored online treatment programmes. It’s designed to fit your needs.

She has helped clients find closure with connecting them to their passed on loved ones, be it their pets, family or friends, with her unique techniques of opening up the portal and letting them visit the other side. She’s here to help you! Get Started Today.

The relief and peace of mind clients report after a session is priceless. 

If there is something you want to understand better, clear or heal or change the dynamic, then she can help you.