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Energetically helping you to release unwanted emotions, so you can live a joyful, fulfilled life

Fiona is a pioneering International Intuitive Empath Energy Healer, Light Worker, Speaker, and Reiki Master who is passionately committed to guiding those awakening and spiritual seekers to discover the truth of their soul. In her healing and consultation sessions she uses her pure connection with Jesus Christ and her healer guides to transmit divine healing, and help those who are feeling disconnected from themselves, to re-align their body with their soul, be inspired, and recall their true potential.

Serving as a catalyst and spiritual teacher to assist others in discovering what has been holding them back and re-aligning them to their true confident, self assured and loving self is a passion for Fiona.

Fiona has been giving spiritual discourses at the various Spiritual Churches, Wellness Lifestyle Conferences, and she’s been interviewed by Stephan Hoffman SA, Helen Pengelly UK, and Tamara Richardson USA. Fiona’s articles have appeared in the Odyssey Magazine as well as Aneis de Vida Online Magazine.

A Motto I Live By: "Heal your Past, Live in the Now and Dream your Future"

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Taking the first step in our Journey can be overwhelming. Having a session with Fiona will set you on the correct path and give Fiona the information she needs to help you reach your Goals

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The difference between HHC and POA is that at HHC we “Energetically helping you to release unwanted emotions, so you can live a joyful, fulfilled life”. Healing hearts one at a time from raw emotions experience during those testing times in our lives where things are not going as we anticipated it would. We help newly awakening individuals that realise something is different and can’t put their finger on it, usually saying that they’ve ended old friendship which they’ve outgrown, they don’t find the same enjoyment from certain things they use to in the past. They seeking advice on their life experiences, those in their beginning stages of their spiritual journey who feel lost, and those who would like to know how to change their lives but unsure how.

At POA we “Helping you release spiritual blocks and limitations. DNA and Light Body/Merkabah and Soul Purpose Activations” work with these Ascension tools from the various Mystery School Teachings to assist you in your spiritual evolution into Self Mastery. The various activations assist in raising your vibration to the higher dimensional frequencies, energetically healing the body with increased frequencies of light, assisting those who would like to open up their 3rd eye and further develop their ESP abilities. We work with the various Rays, Sacred Geometry, Sound and Crystals. With her guidance you get an opportunity to access your Akashic records to bring forth your gifts and abilities as well as to the experiences of reaching ascension and self mastery in previous incarnations, parallel and alternate realities. Building of your I AM Avatar Bodies of light. Building your Multi-dimensional Bodies of Light. Merging with your Multi-dimensional selves from the 3D – 9D. 100 higher chakra downloads. Activating all the meridian lines for all the Multi-dimensional bodies. Merging with your Higher Selves of the Light. Developing a closer relationship with God the Source of all that is and your team of Light Beings working with you and through you assisting you in their service work and in your life, by aligning your will with the Will of the Divine. Collectively we can all do our part in anchoring the New Earth Templates in this Golden Age to the benefit of the generations to follow, if you feel yourself being one of these change makers, then this is for you.